A classy personalized chopstick - at a very afforable price! This 2 tone chopstick is our latest addition.
The beautiful tan hardwood chopstick. Our engraving quality is extremely good. We love taking your ideas and creating beautiful favors with them!
Our blacktip personalized chopstick style. A wide variety of logos and characters can be personalized for you - free! This style of chopstick is made of high quality bamboo.
This is a color filled chopstick. Its engraved and then filled with the desired color paint. When choosing a color combo for your chopsticks, high contrast is usually best.
Our white chopstick style. This style has very high contrast. Popular for weddings of course! The white style can also be engraved and color filled.
This is our red chopstick style. Very popular color for Chinese weddings and celebrations. This chopstick can be laser engraved as well as color filled.
Detailed engraving on a tan chopstick. Your text and logo can look this good! The contrast on these chopsticks is amazing.
Laser engraving on hardwood. No limit to your customizations here! We can also engrave in Chinese, Japanese and Korean - free!/em>
The Yin-Yang symbol on a chopstick. Most simple black and white images engrave very well. Email us your symbol and we'll advise you (free) on engraving it.
Religious themes expressed on chopsticks. First Communions, Bar Mitzvahs - we engrave them all. Our fine quality engraving allows us to do complex fonts for you.







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The 2 Tone Chopstick
Our newest personalized chopstick style - a beautiful, fancy and fun chopstick style.

Premium Chopstick Sleeves
Our chopstick sleeves are stunning. There are 18 styles. We also offer choices of free chopstick sleeves with your order.

High Engraving Quality
We take pride in the
superior engraving quality of our personalized chopsticks.

Vertical Personalizing
This chopstick shows  Chinese text engraved vertically. Options such as this are at no charge!

Promotional Gifts
Proms, business events - your logo and text will dazzle clients and friends!

Religious Celebrations
Religious events, baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs - add your special symbols - at no charge.

Personalized Chopstick Favors©


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